About Me


Hey I’m Eric and welcome to “My Take”! A film blog where I write about some of my favourite films! I’m incredibly excited to have you all here! 

A brief background on me: In 2018 I graduated from UofT in with an undergraduate degree (double-majoring in Cinema Studies and Book and Media Studies), and following that I spent some time working in the film industry as a PA and Assistant Director. More recently I have pivoted into the fitness world and am working as a Personal Trainer.

My ultimate goal for this blog: Bring all of you into my world, and share my own insights and interpretations, and hopefully find a new way to make you think about some of my favourite films. 

I also not only welcome but encourage discussion; I truly believe that the beauty of film is that while we contemplate the vision or sentiments of its creator, each film can be read uniquely by anyone that watches it. 

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